So, I’ve been sadly neglecting LJ for the last month.

Just been so busy, my job has relocated the office, so I’m spending another 30 minutes twice a day travelling. So rather than having half an hour in the mornings to catch up on LJ and message boards I’m stuck in the train – oh well it pays the bills.

But now things are settling down, so I’ll get back into action.

Meanwhile, apart from travelling – which has the benefit of more time to read while sat on the train, January was spent

Marina Warner – From the Beast to the Blonde – a study of the development of fairy stories through history, and how the messages change to reflect society
Marina Warner – Phantasmagoria – how spirits, ghosts and the concept of the soul have been portrayed in art, literature, theatre and cinema through the ages

Both tough going, but very interesting. A nice quotation from Hilary Mantel (she of Wolf Hall) about Marina Warner’s writing

"Sometimes the reader, like a prince in a fairytale, needs a stout heart to hack at the thorny growth of a Warner sentence; but usually there is, if not a princess in the thicket, the prospect of a pearl worth the price."

Continued infatuation with Juliet Berto, watched Duelle (again) and La Chinoise.
La Chinoise is a Jen Luc Godard film from 1967 about a group of comfortable middle class Parisian students studying Maoism and plotting violent revolution. Made in the build up to the 1968 student riots in France.
Also caught up on Burn After Reading and The Damned United.

This month I have mainly been listening to Marina and the Diamonds, Fever Ray and Sandie Shaw.
Bought tickets to see Emilie Autumn in March, left it too late to buy tickets for Imogen Heap, never thought she would sell out

Continued to follow with anguish the unfolding demise  at Chester City. The sooner the club is put to sleep and a phoenix to arise from the ashes the better for all concerned. It’s a bit sad too that Druids are about to drop out of the Welsh Premier League. To be fair, I haven’t managed to go this season, but it’s always an enjoyable experience. I’ll try and get down to Plaskynaston at least once before the end of the season, a home defeat against Bala Town last night, they’ve really been one of the surprise packages of the season.
At least the Rugby League season is back with us, and after a triumphant visit to Wembley at the end of last season, Warrington opened with a resounding victory over Harlequins.

too much really and mostly by train. Did get out to the coast a couple of weekends ago, for a very snowy walk along the beach near Penmaenmawr.