So I really did believe, albeit only for a page or two, that Lady Deadlock had done it, not for long since I soon realised it could only be Hortense, although I still find her motive a little weak for such a crime. Still these fiery foreigners, who knows what they will do? Obviously Lady D was set up to be a prime suspect, and how she foreshadows Lydia Gwilt in all but her ability to go through with the crime. Beautiful and mysterious, both tempt you to fall in love with them, whatever the risk or potential peril, no wonder Sir Leicester was so quick to forgive. So really was that the main development over the period between Honoria, who really could never have murdered, and the Lydias of later fiction who could and usually did.

reading – Sketches by Boz – Dickens
listening – The Impossible Girl – Kim Boekbinder