A short comment relating to the rate of change of the early movement towards women’s independence of their husbands in the later eighteenth century. At this disatnce it is sometimes hard to apprecaite that significant changes, even then, may occur within a generation.

This is taken from the novel The Old Woman by Mrs Carver (1800).

"…I’m sorry that you did not go to London with his honour: such a sweet couple should never be parted. My old master and mistress were never divided for fifty years and then only by death. But fashions be changed since then, and they say nobody lives in that sort of way now a-days – the more’s the pity; for when two people loves one another, they should always be together."

Perhaps I might have been more willing to subscribe to his opinion than most modern ladies would have done, but no matter, the subject made me grace and a silence ensued.