A useful piece from Sidonia The Sorceress by William Meinhold ( Lady Wilde translation)

when considering how we can distinguish between those who can tell the future for good and those who fortell the future for evil – the main indication would appear to be gender

Believe the men, ignore the women and you won’t go far wrong !!

In addition to the foregoing distinctions between the Satanic and the holy prophets, I may add the following–that almost all the diviners amongst the heathen were _women_. For instance, Cassandra, the Pythia in Delphi, Triton and Peristhæa in Dodona, the Sybils, the Velleda of Tacitus, the Mandragoras, and Druidesses, the witches of the Reformation age; and in fine, the modern somnambules are all women too. But throughout the whole Bible we find that the prophetic power was exclusively conferred upon _men_, with two exceptions–namely, Deborah, Judges iv. 4, and Hilda, 2 Chron. xxxiv. 22–for there is no evidence that Miriam had a seer spirit; she was probably only God-inspired, though classed under the general term prophet. We find, indeed, that woe was proclaimed against the divining women who prophesy out of their own head, Ezekiel xiii. 17-23; so amongst the people of God the revelation of the future was confined to _men_, amongst the heathen to _women_, or if men are mentioned in these pagan rites, it is only as assistants and inferior agents, like animals, metals, roots, stones, and such like. See Cicero, _De Divinatione_, i. 18.

Sidonia The Sorceress Book 1 Ch 7.