So, I’m sure there are ghosts in the house, we’ve seen shadows, felt a presence, I’ve even seen a figure walking out of the hallway into another room when there was no one else at home. There are sights and sounds that could be interpreted as ghosts. I’m sure there are sights and sounds in every house, old or new, that could be interpreted as ghosts. 

A few years back an old woman knocked on the door. It turned out that she had lived in our house 50 years back and just wanted another last look around. While she was upstairs she asked had we seen the ghost that walked across the landing, pointing out the two rooms that it went between. Although I hadn’t actually seen it, there had been times that I was home alone, sitting upstairs and had thought that someone had walked that route.

However, I really wanted to write about two strange things that happen here. Things that could be coincidences or tricks of the light or just plain imagination. But they happen, and have happened consistently for the 10 years we’ve been here.

The first is what is lovingly known as "the drip". We don’t all see the drip – I do and my younger daughter does, but my partner and elder daughter don’t. The drip can happen anywhere – upstairs or down. You see it when you walk out of a doorway into our very large Victorian hallway or landing and what you see is a drop of water fall from the ceiling to the floor in front of you. Look at the floor and the ceiling and they are perfectly dry, but I would swear to anyone that a droplet of water had just fallen down in front of me.

The second concerns money. Whenever we are a bit short or worried about money, this seems to happen. Pennies appear on the floor, you can walk into a room, any room, and see a penny right in the middle of the carpet,  always a penny, never a 2 or 5 or 10 pence coin.  Three or four times a day for several days together this might happen. Obviously it doesn’t solve any money problems, but I always imagine that someone is trying to help, and I always say thank you when I find one. Maybe the pennies are always there, maybe you just don’t notice them when you aren’t thinking about money. 

So just two oddities. Even now, I’m never quite sure if I believe in ghosts or not. They’re the kind of things you sometimes want to believe in, but when you sit and think logically you know that you really shouldn’t believe in them.