So I am very aware that this blog has been neglected over the last few weeks. That hasn't been my intention, it is just a victim of the circumstance of having so many other (not necessarily more interesting) things to do.

Normal service should be resumed very shortly.

In othe rnews, I am coming to the end of Eliza Parson's The Mysterious Warning, which I have thoroughly enjoyed and fairly well raced through sitting out in the occasional sunshine. Mysterious Warning is the fifth novel from the list of  seven "Horrid Novels" Jane Austen refered to in Northanger Abbey and which I have included on this year's reading list. Thus I have just two to go.

It may be not chance that has left The Orpan of the Rhine by Eleanor Sleath and The Necromancer (translated) by Peter Teuthold to the end. Both are quite long, at a guess four volumes each,  and both look as though they could be a bit of a hard slog to get through. I expect that I will enjoy Orphan of the Rhine most out of the two, so whether to read that now or leave it to last, well who knows.

Perhaps I shall toss a coin.

But that's in the future, as I say, normal service will follow after this intermission.