So amybe it's because I never am – and in this instance it's all about getting hold of books to read.

When I first picked up Udolpho, and became adicted to the works of Mrs Radcliffe and her kindred authors, access to books was extremely limited. Udolpho and The Italian were in print, but no other Radcliffe's were readily available. Other Gothics were strictly limited too.

In a way I was lucky, studying at the time I had access to the University library, which had in its collection a number of very old copies of some novels, some of which probably hadn't been borrowed for 100 years or so. It was a facinating place to explore and discover Gothic treasures.

Once I left the University though this source of reading was gone. Acacemic interest in the Gothic was being rekindled however, and a number of titles were revived, both by specialist publishers and the mainstream. It was a happy day  when I found the last of the Radcliffes, Gaston de Blondeville back in print.

Recently, the internet has proved an invaluable resource, Project Gutenburg has made texts available, and most recently the various projects to scan old libraries, google books for one is a prime example.

But this is where my final rant is aimed. I have found so many titles on google books where I can access Volume 1 of 4 and volume 1 only

I currently have, for example 

volume 1 of The Peasant of the Ardenne Forest by Eliza Parsons
volume 2 of The Nocturnal Minstrel by Eleanor Sleath
volume 1 of St Margaret's Cave by Elizabeth Helme

these volums and no other.

"What use is a book without pictures or conversations?", said Alice

What use is a book without all its volumes I reply. They maybe free, but sort it out please, google.