This from the Monthly Review of June 1812, considering Jane Harvey’s “Memoirs Of An Author”

A reader feels in an aukward predicament when a hero of romance and all his party are described as being ‘in convulsions of laughter,’ produced by jokes which do not cause him to ‘shew his teeth by way of smile;’ and this dilemma occurred to us rather frequently in perusing ‘The Memoirs of an Author.’ Some interest, however, is excited by the vicissitudes of the tale, though filial piety will not be promoted by the story of Dr. Ingleby and his children.—The author constantly employs the word were instead of was, and in many passages the effect of this mistake is almost ludicrous.

Curiously following that review not only did she fail to  curl up and die, she continued to write and publish.

Thick skinned, or just taking good advice and not reading her own reviews ?