Just discovered that the latest edition of that admirable online journal Studies in Gothic Fiction has appeared.

I must admit to having been rather quiet here in recent months, having  escaped briefly from the castle to pursue other burning interests, however the mysterious discovery of this volume has drawn me back into my rightful home.

There is no indication on the website as to when it was published, so for all I know I am presenting old news; but I find there are all of eight fascinating articles, all lovingly presented in pdf form, and find that sufficiently exciting to put before my readers.

I have, so far,  printed off Jessica Rich’s contribution on “Propriety, Property and Passion: The Emergence of the Undisciplined Woman from the Mysteries of Udolpho to Zofloya” and Christina Nation’s “A Re-examination of the Feminine in The Monk” for reading on the train tonight.

The remainder shall surely follow. They are undoubtably equally noteworthy, and the only reason I haven’t included the full contents herewith is that the website wouldn’t allow me to cut and paste the list in, and I’m just way too busy/lazy to sit here typing them all into this post.

My only gripe is that there is no biographical information provided concerning the authors, nor anything to indicate their particualr experience or expertise. I assume google shall have to come to the rescue here, though its a shame to have to resort to such means.

Link to the website here.

In the same vain, after an even longer absence than myself, RAVON – Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net has also burst forth with a new edition!

Another link

That is, for now, the end of the news. All you need to know about the weather is that it is raining presently.